Pledge Against Protectionism: Statement of Civil Society Organizations from Latin America

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16 Dicembre, 2011

In the face of the Pledge Against Protectionism, promoted by Australia, Canada, United States, Japan and the European Union on December 15, 2011, during the 8th WTO Ministerial Conference, and supported by 18 more countries including Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica, we, undersigned, organizations from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru, united with over 50 civil society representatives from 30 countries attending the 8th WTO Ministerial in Geneva, Switzerland, raise our voice to denounce the Pledge Against Protectionism promoted by

Survivance des mesures protectionnistes: les pays africains en souffrent

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16 Dicembre, 2011

Les pays les plus développés mettent en place un nombre d’obstacles toujours plus grand aux échanges commerciaux. En plus de cela, ces grandes puissances campent sur leurs positions, arrêtées depuis longtemps.

Quotes from a variety of civil society experts

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16 Dicembre, 2011

Aksel Naerstad, chair of the Norwegian Trade Campaign (network organizations of labour unions, farmers’ organizations, environmental organizations, solidarity organizations and other NGOs):

WTO Turnaround: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Development First

Original Publication Date: 
16 Dicembre, 2011

We Demand Jobs and Industrial Development Policy Space
We Demand the Right to Protect the Policy Space for Development
WTO Rules Must Facilitate Financial Stability Rather than Financial Deregulation
Access to Health and Affordable Medicines before Patent Monopolies
We Demand Trade Rules that Support Food Security and Sovereignty
Protecting Biodiversity and the Banning the Patenting of Life
The WTO Is Not the Venue to Establish Climate Change Policy

Public Event on Dec. 16: Accession: What Price for What Benefit?

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15 Dicembre, 2011
Any country undergoing accession faces tough questions about the price paid for the benefit received.
While accessions are being promoted as a highlight of this Ministerial meeting, it is noteworthy that these are the first since the onset of the global economic crisis.

Press Release: International Experts Joined Occupy WTO in Critique, Offered Path Forward

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15 Dicembre, 2011

Over 50 civil society experts – trade unionists, farmers, development advocates, and consumer activists – from 30 countries have traveled to Geneva for the 8th Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO), working through the global Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) network and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). Today they joined local Geneva activists at the “Occupy WTO” tent across from the CICG conference center, where they presented critiques of the current negotiations within the WTO, and offered a path forward for the transformation of the current trading system to provide solutions to the current crises of unemployment, poverty, and the under-regulated financial services sector.

Public Event on Dec. 16 / The Future of Trade in Financial Services: Safeguarding Stability / an Invitation by the Mission of Ecuador to WTO

Original Publication Date: 
15 Dicembre, 2011

Friday, December 16 10:00-11:30 am CET
Centre de Conférences de Varembé (CCV), Room B, 9-11 rue de Varembé, Geneva

WTO’s MC8: Some Critical Issues for Developing Countries

Original Publication Date: 
14 Dicembre, 2011
Analytical Note, December 2011

This Analytical Note provides an overview of the following: issues at stake in MC8 for developing countries and key messages for Ministers; the state of play including the main events that took place in the production of the ‘Elements for Political Guidance’ text; the legal status of the Chairman’s Statement as the outcome document of the Ministerial; important process issues to be mindful of during the Ministerial; a detailed look at the issues in the ‘Elements for Political Guidance’ text; and a paragraph by paragraph analysis of the ‘Elements’ text.

Public Event on Dec. 15: Key Aspects of the 8th WTO Ministerial Conference and Beyond

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14 Dicembre, 2011
What are the key issues that will be determined at the 8th Ministerial Conference (MC8) of the WTO? How do these decisions relate to the development mandate of the Doha Round, and the global crisis of unemployment? How is the WTO responding to international demands for increased international and national oversight over financial services? What impact are WTO accessions having on the populations of the acceding countries?

Call to Action! - WTO Turnaround / 8th Ministerial in Geneva, 2011

Inspiegabilmente, la WTO ha ulteriormente annunciato l’intenzione di accelerare l’agenda negoziale per la prossima primavera, dopo il consenso raggiunto da alcuni Governi durante il summit del G20 del novembre 2010 per concludere i negoziati WTO del Doha Round nel 2011.

Support proposals from Cochabamba Agreement in climate talks in Tianjin and Cancun! CJN!

During the last Climate Talks in Bonn in August some concrete proposals were
brought to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
(UNFCCC) in order to advance the negotiations to cut the greenhouse gas
emissions in a new and positive way. The main demands of the World Peoples
Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (Cochabamba, April
2010) have been incorporated in the negotiation text of the Ad Hoc Working Group on
Long-term Cooperation under the UNFCCC.

October 1: International Day of Action against pre-Summit attack in South Korea (G20)

On October 1st tell the South Korean government and the world that the G20 Summit is NO EXCUSE for Repression by participating in the International Day of Action against the pre-Summit attack on Democratic and Human Rights in South Korea.

Genova: Lovely Planet Tour

Original Publication Date: 
29 Novembre, 2009
At the link a photo from Genova about the Lovely Planet Tour, the format we adopted to raise awareness of media and citizen about how our cities are changing due to the liberalizations pushed by WTO and how we are applying concrete solutions to address those violations around the country with organic agriculture, critical consumption, reduction of emissions in productions, fair trade and so on.

OWINFS PRESS RELEASE: 10 years after Seattle, WTO protests worldwide, no WTO expansion, Korean activists detained

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28 Novembre, 2009
Members of the global network Our World Is Not for Sale (OWINFS) held a press briefing this morning to object the undemocratic detention of Korean activists coming to Geneva, and to demand their immediate release. OWINFS also introduced the objectives of mobilizations around the WTO ministerial in Geneva and around the world, including the mobilizations in India, Indonesia, Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Letter to President of EC, Jose-Manuel Barroso: Suspend FTA Negotiations with Andean Countries

Together with other NGOs, FoEE is sending a letter to the President of the European Commission José-Manuel Barroso to ask for a suspension of the FTA negotiations with the Andean countries (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).

Lula Calls on Saudis to Join Brazil in Creating Petrochemical Powerhouse

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18 Maggio, 2009
Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said this Sunday, May 17, at the end of a two-day trip to Saudi Arabia, that he called on king Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the two countries to jointly seek reciprocal investment opportunities.

Kirk Highlights Need For New Doha Ideas, Doha Review Bumped Up To NEC

Original Publication Date: 
13 Maggio, 2009
U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk in a series of private and public gatherings this week in Geneva stressed the need for trading partners to consider new ideas to help break the current impasse in the Doha round of global trade talks, but also said the U.S. would look to build on the work done so far rather than scrapping it.

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23 Aprile, 2009
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Jobs, Not Shopping

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1 Marzo, 2009

Protectionism did not cause the depression. Indeed, moderate protection is what we need.