Letter to the Presidents and Heads of State: Latin America and the Caribbean

Your presence and the active participation of the governments that you head in this Conference, which will bring together all of the United Nations members states – the “G192” – are necessary in order to achieve urgent and concrete responses that are in keeping with the seriousness of the global systemic crisis now confronting humanity. A crisis unleashed in the center of the system of economic and political power whose unsustainable and irresponsible model of consumption and production continues to asphixiate the entire planet, deepening day after day the social, climate, food, and energy crises with untold consecuences for billions of people, nature, and indeed life itself.

Ne diluez pas la proposition du G33: Membres de la société civile globale, demand au directeur général de l OMC et aux des pays membres

Delivery date: 
20 November, 2013
En tant que membres de la société civile globale, nous demandons au directeur général de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce, Roberto Azevedo, et aux présidents des pays membres, de prendre trÚs au sérieux la question de la sécurité alimentaire dans les pays en développement et de ne pas faire de la proposition du G33 sur les stocks publics de nourriture une mascarade, en demandant aux pays en développement d’accepter le texte actuel sur la clause de paix.

"What we need is system change!" / G20 Counter-Summit Final Declaration, St-Petersburg, Russia (Sept. 2013)

St Petersburg, 4 September 2013

Social movements and civil society organizations from different parts of the world have met on 3 -4 September 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on the eve of the G20 Summit and in a context of the threat by the United States of America (USA) to attack Syria. With the participation of more than 30 international delegates of world social movements, our G20 Counter-Summit, was hosted by the Post-Globalization Initiative.