TISA Text and Analysis: Annex on Domestic Regulation

Original Publication Date: 
2 July, 2015
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TISA: Análisis del anexo sobre Reglamentación Nacional - Español

This is the secret April 2015 bracketed draft text of the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Annex on Domestic Regulation, including negotiating positions. TiSA is currently under negotiation between the United States, the European Union and 23 other countries.

The Agreement creates an international legal regime which aims to deregulate and privatize the supply of services - which account for the majority of the economy across TiSA countries. The draft Annex restricts the ability of TiSA states to enact regulations which affect the international trade in services, or which are deemed incompatible with the market philosophy underlying TiSA.

WikiLeaks has previously published an earlier version of this Annex. The April 2015 text dates from shortly after the 12th round of TiSA negotiations held from 13-17 April 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.