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April 29th


Stop the WTO destroying developing country industries and selling off our natural resources!

Many people have heard about the WTO opening up markets in services and agriculture, with negative impacts on farmers, public services and the environment world-wide. But now the rest of the world is also up for sale at the World Trade Organization (WTO), as governments plan to liberalise all remaining sectors through a new agreement, known as the Non-Agricultural Market Access or NAMA agreement, which is being

The OWINFS Statement of Political Unity

A Statement of Unity from


“Our World Is Not for Sale” is a worldwide network of organizations; activists and social movements committed to challenging trade and investment agreements that advance the interests of the world’s most powerful corporations at the expense of people and the environment.

April 23rd

My intro to wto page

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23 April, 2009
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March 12th

Standing Firm and Acting Together Against EPAs!

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1 March, 2009

The Africa Trade Network, the broadest, longest -standing network of African social, labour, women’s, faith-based, developmental, environmental, farmers, human rights and other organisations, dealing with the role and effects of international trade and trade agreements in relation to Africa’s needs and aspirations at local, national regional and continental levels, had its 11 Annual Review and Strategy meeting in Accra, Ghana, from 25 to 28 August 2008.

S2B Letter to Martin Ríman, EU President

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1 March, 2009

The Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B) would like to welcome you in the EU Presidency. We hope
that we will be able to build a constructive dialogue around the EU trade policy – in the direction of
a trade policy that puts people and the environment first.

March 5th

Obama Administration Delays Trade Negotiations For Now

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25 February, 2009

The Obama administrations message on trade negotiations inherited from its predecessor is emerging and it clearly says: we'll get back to you when we have the necessary cabinet officials in place, such as a U.S. Trade Representative, and have had time to review our trade policy.

Jobs, Not Shopping

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1 March, 2009

Protectionism did not cause the depression. Indeed, moderate protection is what we need.

EU raises stakes for US in biodiesel battle

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5 March, 2009

The European Union is gearing up to slap duties on imported US biodiesel in the latest sign of rising trade tensions as world economies slump into

February 13th

ESF: crisis in WTO needed; EU thinking on benchmarks

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12 February, 2009
Notes by 11.11.11 on civil society dialog on GATS led by DG Trade official Anders Jessen.